Heavers Farm Year Group Blog

Week 6 in Jade!

Hello Parents and Carers,

It was lovely to see so many of you this afternoon.

The children in Jade class have worked really hard and are definitely looking forward to the half term break. I am so proud of each and every one of them. Please continue reading with your child during the holidays.

In Maths, this week, we continued learning about money. They exchanged money for items. Pupils role played paying for items in a shop. They explored combining coins to pay for items. They selected two items from a cafe and worked out the total cost. Pupils also learned about the concept of change. They role played buying items and giving and receiving change from £10 and £20.

In History, the children continued learning about transport and discussed how improved transport has made the world more connected.

In Computing, the children used the paintz app to create their poster on plastic pollution in the ocean. They used the information gathered from different websites to add to their poster.

In English, this week, the children learnt about rhyming words and describing words. They looked at different poems about nature and identified rhyming words and adjectives. They used rhyming words and adjectives to create their own poems about nature.

Have a lovely half term break!☀️

Best wishes

Mrs. Paul

Jade Class, Week 5!

Hello Parents and Carers,

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine ☀️. One more week to go before our half term break and children in Jade class have been working extremely hard.

In English, last week we looked at fiction and non- fiction texts and children identified the features of a non- fiction text . This week children in Jade class created their own non- fiction booklets about plastic pollution in the ocean and they have all produced some brilliant work.

In Phonics, we are revisiting Phase3, 4 and 5 sounds in preparation for the Phonics Screening Check.

In Maths, this week the children have been introduced to money. They learnt about the different coins we have in our country and identified the physical properties of coins. They recognised the value of different coins and compared different amounts of money.

In RE, the children are learning about Hinduism- the Hindu belief about God and Hindu place of worship. Ask your child and see if he/ she is able to tell you some facts about Hinduism.

In Science, the children learned about the five senses and the sense organs. We had our lesson outdoor and the children used their senses to describe what they could see, hear, smell and touch. They definitely did not taste anything outside 😀 but described what they tasted during lunch.

In Art, the children applied the techniques used by the famous Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and created their own abstract painting.

Have a nice weekend 😀

Best wishes

Mrs Paul

Our Coronation Tea Party 🎉

Following on from our last week’s assembly on the King’s coronation, the children in Jade class learned more about this special event. They learned what ‘ coronation’ means and where the coronation of the King is taking place. They also learned about the different ways people are celebrating this special event through out UK. In Jade class, we had our own coronation tea party.🎈

In Maths, pupils continued to deepen their understanding of addition . They added ones to a 2-digit number, representing the numbers using dienes.

In Art, the pupils recapped the technique used by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. They learnt about primary and secondary colours and explored mixing primary colours to create secondary colours.

Enjoy your long bank holiday weekend.

Best wishes

Mrs Paul 😀

What we learned today!

Hello Parents and Carers,

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

In English, this week, the children will be writing their own narrative about the environment, keeping in mind the school half term theme of The Environment. Today, the children planned their narrative by creating a story map.

In Science, the children sorted animals according to different criteria. They then compared some common animals.

In Maths , over the next two weeks, we will be looking at addition and subtraction within 100. Today the children learned to add ones to a 2-digit number. Pupils explored how they can use number bonds within ten, to help them calculate larger numbers. Eg. If they know 3+4=7, they can then calculate 53+4=57. They used bead strings and dienes to explore.

Have a great evening.

Best wishes

Mrs Paul

Welcome Back!

Hello Parents and Carers,

Good morning and welcome back. Hope you all had a restful Easter break.

In Maths, we are focusing on recognising, reading and writing numbers to 100. The pupils identified 2-digit numbers by counting groups of ten and then counting on in ones. They used dienes to represent numbers on a place value chart.

In English, the pupils used time connectives to order events together. They used – first, next, then, after, later, finally, to sequence events and wrote a recount of their recent trip to London.

In Phonics, the pupils are revisiting Phase 5 sounds. Last week, we focused on the ‘ai’ sound as in play, spray, shake and the ‘ee’ sound as in each, she.

In Science, the pupils named and described the body parts of different common animals. They compared the structure of two animals.

In Art, the pupils looked at the various art work by famous Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. They learned about the technique that the artist used and analysed one of his art work.

Have a great week ahead.

Best wishes

Mrs Paul

Happy Holidays!

Hello Everyone,

It was lovely to see so many of you this afternoon. Hope you all enjoyed looking at your child’s work and all that we have done this half term.

Have a great Easter break and see you all in the summer term.

Best wishes

Mrs Paul

Year 1 trip to Central London!

The children in Jade class had a fantastic time on their trip to the grounds of Buckingham Palace and St James’s Park. They identified various physical and human features on their journey as well as at the park. I am sure they all enjoyed their lunch and play time the most. Have a look at some of the pictures from the trip.

Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Best wishes

Mrs Paul

Week 4 in Jade!

Hello Parents and Carers,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

In Maths, last week, pupils compared lengths and heights of objects. They measured lengths and heights using various non-standard units like hands, feet, cubes, paper clips and lolly sticks. They used the language of comparison to compare lengths and heights of objects. Eg longer / shorter / longest / shortest / taller / tallest etc.

In DT, the children used various finishing off techniques to improve their freestanding structures.

Best wishes

Mrs Paul

World Book Day!

Hello Parents and Carers,

The children, this morning were extremely excited to come in dressed as their favourite book character. The children had an opportunity to speak about the character they dressed up as and shared their favourite book with the class.

They also created a book cover for their favourite book.

In DT, the pupils created their freestanding structures today.

Have a lovely weekend 👍

Best wishes

Mrs Paul

This week in Jade!

Hello Parents and Carers,

In Maths, this week, the pupils compared two sets using the language ‘more’, ‘fewer’, and ‘difference’. They used interlocking cubes to find the difference between two sets/ numbers. They used dienes to explore numbers with a difference of one and two on a number line. They also used the ‘Make ten’ strategy to identify difference on a number line.

In PSHE, the pupils identified different emotions and feelings and learnt that different facial expressions can tell how you are feeling at the moment.

In Computing, the children learnt about ‘algorithm.’ They created a set of instructions for their partner to follow.

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes

Mrs Paul