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Happy Easter everyone ! from Year1, who went to watch the Reception Easter bonnet parade today.


Easter Holiday homework

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 17.47.17.png

There will be no spellings over the Easter holidays but please make sure you are reading every day.

We would love to see some book reviews or for you to come in after Easter and tell us all about your favourite book you read over the break.  You can also challenge yourself to do lots of reading not in a book, for example a newspaper or a road sign!

It is also always good to keep practising those tricky (high frequency) words in the reading diary and counting in twos, fives and tens.

Have a fantastic, well-deserved break and well done for all your hard work throughout the Spring Term.

The Year 1 Team



Peridot : weight 

Over Easter please keep practising lighter and heavier , find something smaller than a rubber but lighter or something heavier than a whiteboard but smaller …then try out what is heavier than a kilo of flour, as we did in class this Spring.

Peridot : some snaps of mindfulness family day 

Peridot :planning the ending to Handas surprise 

Jade class: Handa’s surprise

In Jade class we have been exploring the story Handa’s surprise. We acted out the story and thought about how we could change the ending of the story. We worked really hard to think about ideas 💡 of alternative endings. Using our best writing we wrote a different ending to the story. Have a look at our learning:

Jade class: comparing and measuring weight

We investigated the weight of different classroom objects. We thought about how many marbles each item would weigh. We learnt that longer objects are not always heavier. Have a look at our learning!