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Today, during our Computing Day, Jade Class discussed ways we can keep safe online and made E-Safety posters

We discussed technology and all the different types in our world – I was very impressed with how much the children knew! They then made some lovely posters to show their understanding.

We then explored the iPads and created our own digital drawings!

Art tomorrow!

Mr L 🙂

Geography Day

We started off by discussing the different types of weather we know. Children drew them on their whiteboards as well as the different items of clothing they would wear for a particular type of weather. 

We then played a game, where partner A would say a type of clothing, and partner B had to guess the type of weather where that item can be worn. 

We used what we knew about the different types of weather, we made our very own ‘ weather chart’, so we can use it to record what the weather is like every day. We drew a weather symbol next to the days of the week that we have already been in school this week. Children remembered clearly how the weather was like yesterday during our PE lesson. 

This  ongoing activity will see the children add the relevant weather symbol each day this week.

We discussed our journey to/from school and thought about how many different things we see on our way. Children drew as many things they could think that they see on their way to school. 

Then, we looked at all the things we drew on our whiteboards and created a chronological ‘story map’ of either our way home, or, journey to school. 

We also discussed the layout of our school. The children drew as many things/areas as they could think about from both inside and outside of the school building. E.g. Playground, office, lunch hall, classroom etc. 

As we spent most of the day thinking and talking about both our local area – the things that we see on our way to and from school, as well as different areas of our school, now it was time to think about all of the people in these places who help us.

Children chose one person who helps us ( either from the local community or at school ) and drew that person on their whiteboards. The teacher chose one child at a time to stand up and hide their drawing, and the other children tried to guess who that person might be. The children were encouraged to ask questions such as: Does the person in your drawing wear a uniform? Do they drive an ambulance?

We had a great day exploring our Geography knowledge. 

Well done Peridot! 


Today, Emerald class spent the day being explorers, they used their Geographical skills to learn about the Earth, the weather and creating maps of the local area.

The children started the day, looking a the globe and making suggestions to describe what they could see. Miss Fonseca said that her eyes always get drawn to three different countries, Mozambique, Portugal and the United Kingdom. We then thought of reasons why this happened and the children talked about different countries and cities that were important to them, such as the place they were born in or where they go on holidays!

After this discussion the children drew our planet, trying to show how much they know about the world. This was very insightful since it shows the children’s understanding of Geography and what is important to them.

In the afternoon, it was time to show what we know about the weather. We played a game matching clothes to the correct type of weather and we created our own weather charts using the class symbols. We even predicted the weather for tomorrow!

Tomorrow, there is going to rain and it is going to be cold. The children explained that this was going to happen because it is always cold in the Autumn. Some children said that it would be sunny because they like the sunshine.

The day ended with the children ceating their own maps of the way to school. Some children created very detailed maps of the area showing important landmarks and the local amenities, such as the train station and the meadow.

Another successful day in Year 1! Excellent work, Emerald class!

If you are at home, I would love to see your maps.


Today was all about Geography!

To start, the children drew Earth – using only their own knowledge and memories.

Then we discussed the weather and the different types. The children played a game where they would choose a type of weather (sunny, rainy, cold etc) and then had to match it to what we the appropriate clothing to wear. We then played the game the other way around and matched the weather to the type of clothing.

We have all made our own weather charts to fit in over the next couple weeks and also discussed the four seasons – it was great to see how much Jade Class knew about each!

The children thought about and drew all of the things they see on their journey to school – they then made a ‘mind map’ and drew all of these things in order.

We had a great discussion about all of the different areas at Heavers Farm and the children were then able to join their own maps of the school.

We finished by talking about all of the people in our local area (community) who help us. We spoke about Policemen and women, Firemen and Firewomen, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Dustmen and women and also all of the people who help us in school!

Another great day!

Mr L 🙂

D&T Day in Peridot Class!

We have been busy and very creative throughout our D&T day!

Below are some of the terms that children used to associate D&T with:

We started off by reading the story of The Three Little Pigs. We then discussed the materials that the pigs used to build their houses. The children agreed that the strongest material to use would be the bricks. They also said that if the houses were made of sticks and straws, the wind can blow them down.

The children were given a choice of materials to use to make a similar house to the ones in the story. They all demonstrated excellent skills of using scissors, glue to stick different pieces together, masking tape ( to hold things firmly).

I was particularly impressed with the children’s ability to adapt their resources in the absence of bricks.

Our next task was to construct with a purpose in mind. To help us with ideas we read a story where children had the opportunity to discuss how to build a rocket that would take them to the moon.

Again, the children exceeded our expectations with their knowledge of using a variety of resources, tools and techniques competently and appropriately.

We had lots of fun in our PE lesson too, where we learned how to strike a ball with our feet.

We discussed sports that involve kicking a ball, where to put our hands when we kick a ball and how we aim with our feet.

Well done Peridot!

D&T Day

The children started the day exploring what is meant by design and technology. Some children said that their parents had designed a bedroom, others talked about making puppets and creating toys.

Session 1:

We retold the story ‘ The Three Little Pigs’ and thought about the different types of houses by the little pigs. We then decided to design and build one of the houses from the story. We decided that we were going to create models of the houses showing the materials rather then using the actual materials.

Session 2:

We designed our chosen house, we drew the house and coloured it in. Then it wS time to make a decision about the materials we wanted to use. Making decisions is not always easy and we had to make some changes to our design so that we could use the materials provided.

Session 3 and 4:

Now, it was time to start the building process, this took a little while but we were all able to create one of the houses. It was fun and we ended the day asking the teachers to do DT again because it was fun.

Session 5 ( Evaluation):

Evaluating our work against the design is a very important skill. Although, we liked our designs, we found that the end product was very different from what we had planned. In some cases, we could give reasons for this, but for some children it was hard to make the link between the design and the making process.

Session 6 – Creating a paper aeroplane

We loved creating paper aeroplanes using simple folding techiques. We made different planes and couldn’t wait to go to the park and try them out. What else can you make by folding paper?

If you are at home, it would be lovely to see some of your work! Why not design and create your own house?

Please send your work to us via email:


Well done, everyone! 


After reading The Three Little Pigs last week, today the children designed and made their very own houses. They were made from straw, sticks or bricks… The children used their drawing, cutting, sticking skills and lots of imagination! Didn’t they do well?! Mr L 🙂

Maths Day!

We begun our day by discussing the term Maths.  Below, you’ll see what the children came up with:

In our first session, we were given a number to write on a white board. Then, we created a tower, by counting the right number of cubes, to represent the number on our board. We enjoyed practising our number formation too. 

We also found different ways to make ten. We used cubes of two different colours, and explored different ways of combining the two colours to make towers of different sizes. 

The following task was all about estimation. We discussed what it means and how to make sensible guess.

Each child had a paper bag with counters. They had to follow three steps:

  1. Estimate how many counters in the bag and write the number down 
  2. Empty the bag and count how many counters there are
  3. Write how many by showing the numeral 

We discussed positional language where we compared bears and objects. We worked with our partner at our table, and gave each other instructions so that we could position our bears to match the positional language.  E.g. ” The yellow bear is behind my water bottle.” ” The blue bear is next to the rubber. ” 

Our repeated pattern process encouraged the children to talk their ideas out loud. E.g. ‘ I have a blue and a red circle, so my next circle will be …

Onece we were confident with our pattern recognition using two colours, we introduced the third colour to our patterns. 

As we had already practiced making number towers and counting cubes, we then moved one to practising ‘one more and one less of a number’.

We did this with our partner, where partner A said a number and partner B built a tower. We then decided whether we wanted one more or one less in our tower of cubes. We also discussed  what happens to the tower when you add one more or you take one way. 

Well done Peridot class!

Monday Maths

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good weekend! Today, the children in Year 1 had lots of fun doing Maths. 

We started the morning by playing a game of ‘Last Person Standing’, where the children counted up to 20 and the person who said 20 was out. Some children were able to play strategically and said up to three numbers so that they could get others out first. Truly impressive. This is a great way to get your child to count without using objects. Why not try to play it at home with your child?

Then we gave each child their own Maths pack and asked them to build different numbers up to 10, using anything from their bag. The children worked with a partner, one wrote the number on the white board and their partner build the number using objects.

The next activity consisted on building numbers up to 10 and exploring one more and one less. The children were able to identify that as you go up the stairs is one more and walking down the stairs is one less. Great job!

Still working on number 10, we decided to show different ways of making ten. The children used their towers, counters and white boards to show the different combinations. Some children used the objects only, others used the objects and a more pictorial representation, using dots or sticks.

After that, it was time to estimate. Each child had a bag of beads, they put the beads on the table and estimated ( without counting) how many beads were there and wrote their guess on a white board. Then, it was time to count how many there were and writing the answer. Some children went as far as making groups of ten and counting the tens and the ones.


The children were challenged to make the largest number they could using all the resources given. Amazing counting, some children had 85 objects. 

Our day wasn’t over yet! The children finished the day looking at positional language. They played a game with their partner where they had to describe where the bear was using, in front of, under, between, over, next to, behind. You might want to try and revisit these words at home.

What a fantastic learning day! The children were really excited to show all their learning and have asked for more activities like the ones we did today! They loved playing ‘ Last Person Standing’. We played the game twice.

Have a lovely evening! I look forward to receiving the children’s work! Tomorrow is Design and Technology!


Hello Everybody,

‘M’ is for Monday, but today, ‘M’ was also for Maths!

We started off by assessing the children’s numbers 1-10 understanding – number recognition and formation, building towers with up to 10 cubes and counting accurately.

Jade Class then showed me one more/less than with their cubes and built and compared towers with their partner, deciding whose was one more or one less.

After lunch, we explored how many different ways we could make 10. We used our cubes to help us and then made individual lists, before coming together as a class to make a class list. Challenge: Ask your child to write as many different ways to make 10 in the comments below!

We then showed off our ‘estimating skills’! I was very impressed with Jade Class here. First, they told me an estimate was a sensible guess and then estimated how many counters I had in my hand each time, with a few correct guesses, before estimating how many ‘compare bears’ I had in a tray – shout out to Sophie for estimating 201, when I had only 2 more with 203!!

We then worked with partners to practice our positional language; ‘above’, ‘under’, ‘below’, ‘next to’. We played a game where the children had to move an object, depending on their partner’s instructions and another where they had to draw a picture from their partner’s instructions – this was a lot of fun!

Our last activity saw the children show what they understood about patterns. They then created their own patterns and continued them – first with two colours, and then with three.

Here’s Jade Class in mathematical action…

D&T tomorrow.. don’t forget your cardboard boxes!

Mr L 🙂