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Phonics- kn and gn

Good morning boys and girls, I hope everybody is feeling good.

Let’s begin with our warm up challenges. Are you ready?

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 05.40.10Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 05.39.23Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 05.40.57Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 05.41.14

Today we are going to revisit alternative spellings for /n/. Can you remember one from last week?

Well done if you remembered your silent k. The grapheme kn says /n/.


Did you know that the grapheme gn also says n. This time it is a silent g.


Activity 1: I want you to read the words below and draw their sound buttons.

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 06.02.17Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 06.01.40

Activity 2: Practise your spelling using these silent letters.

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 06.03.28Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 06.03.20


Can you remember what you have learnt today? This table below will help you.

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 05.55.21


Can you put any of these words into your own sentences?


Have a good day everyone!

Handwriting Focus for the Week

Good morning boys and girls, have you had a lovely weekend?

Let’s stand up and get our bodies moving. Peridot Class really enjoyed the Kidz Bop Shuffle last week so we’ve chosen to do this dance again.

Get your bodies moving!

Today we are going to focus on the ‘in’ word family.

Can you think of any words that belong to this word family?

Your words to write this week are:

bin, pin, win, fin, chin, grin, spin, thin, twin, skin.


Please see example below.

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 05.10.21

Have a great day everyone 🙂


Good Morning!

Let’s start our Maths Meeting by singing the days of the week.

Now, we need to work on our months. How about starting with a song and exercising at the same time?

Great work! Now you are ready to write today’s date. Remember that the days of the week and the months of the year start with a capital letter.

Today we are going to look at 2D shapes.

What is a 2D shape?

Where can we find a 2D shapes?

Let’s refresh our minds and have a look at a video https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zjv39j6/articles/ztpwdmn

Today you are going to have a look around the room you are in and see what 2D shapes you can find.

If you are doing your learning at home- with your adult’s help, you can have a look around.

Let me know what you have found.

Hello Year 1!

It’s week SEVEN!!

Where has this year gone?!

This is your last week of being in Year 1!!!

This year has been unforgettable…

Now, for a story…

And, one last song for the road!

Congratulations, Year 1 – you have been AMAZING!

Guided Reading

Last week, we made our very own Book Reviews! Today (this week), we are going to get them ready to present to a friend or family member.

Using a different colour pen or pencil, can you spot any changes you could make to help you when you’re reading your reviews.

Look out for:

  • Capital letters
  • Finger spaces
  • Full stops

When reading what you’ve written, also look at your spelling; have you used your sounds and remembered your tricky words?

Lastly, can you add in any (better) describing words to make what you’ve written and what you say sound more interesting or exciting?!

For example:

“This book is good”


“This excellent story is exciting, funny and brilliant!”

Once you are happy with your Book Review and your changes, copy it in your best handwriting and when you’re ready, present what you’ve done to a friend or a family member.

Feel free to email any work to us at year1@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk – you don’t have to, but we’d love to see it if you’d like to send it! Remember to include your child’s name and class/teacher in the email.


Good morning Year 1!

As it’s Monday, we have our final habitat to look at in Science! Today’s habitat is called the Urban Habitat. What does urban mean? It means in a town or city!

Let’s have a look at the BBC Bitesize page to learn more about the urban habitat.

BBC Bitesize Urban Habitat

You could also watch this video if you wanted to find out more.

Can you draw an urban habitat and include some plants and animals that you might find there?

Send your work to year1@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk when you’ve finished.

Friday Phonics Fun.

Hello boys and girls. Today I have a reading and a writing challenge for you.

I want you to begin with the reading challenge. It’s a fun yes or no quiz. Read the question and answer yes or no. Can you read all the words? Can you understand everything you read?

yes or no questions ppt

Well done for completing your reading challenge. Now for your writing challenge. I have some ‘Jumbled Up’ sentences for you. Can you rearrange the sentence in the correct order? Look out for the capital letter to start the sentence and the full stop to end the sentence. Have a go and I would love to hear how you did.

Challenge 1:

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 15.59.43

Challenge 2:

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 16.00.01


Challenge 3:

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 16.00.37

Challenge 4:

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 16.00.55

Challenge 5:

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 16.01.06

Have a great weekend everyone!



Good morning boys and girls, today we are going to write our letter. Let’s begin by thinking about our What Makes A Good letter.


* Past tense

* Correct beginning and end (Dear

Residents at/Yours sincerely)

* Information about yourself (likes,

dislikes etc)


We have been lucky enough to be chosen to write letters to the residents of a care home. These elderly people in care homes have not been able to see their family and friends and it has probably been a lonely time for them over lockdown. Therefore, our letters will definitely brighten up their day and make them feel special.

When writing our letter we should make sure we write it to ALL the residents of the care home (we want everyone to feel included) and include everything in the WMAG. For example- “Dear Residents at James Terry Court”


Here are some ideas as to what you can include although it is your letter so feel free to be creative!

–What School you go to.

-What you like and dislike

-Your favourite subjects

-About your teacher

-What you do at breaktime/lunchtime

-Friends and family

-Favourite foods

-TV programmes or books that you like

-Any hobbies you might have

-Personal Interests

-What it has been like since being on lockdown because of Coronavirus

-What measures you are taking to stay safe and healthy.


You can draw a picture at the back of your letter if you wish and you can write MORE THAN ONE letter too.


We can’t wait to see all of your letters, have a great weekend!


Hello boys and girls, how are you. It’s Friday and that means spellings day.

Please read the tricky words from the power point below.

Spellings ppt

Could you read them all? Well done if you could.

Now we are going to test your spelling.

If you are in school your teacher will randomly choose ten spellings from the power point we have just done. If you are at home your adult will choose any ten spellings for you. Good luck! Let us know how you score.

Have a lovely weekend!

Hello Peridot 10/07/20

Hello Peridot, happy Friday. It’s the end of another great week. I am so impressed with all the boys and girls in Peridot class. Whether at home or in school you are all working super hard so well done you!

It’s Friday and I’ve got another story to share with you. I hope you enjoy it!

In this story Mole thinks the moon is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, and he wants it. But as Rabbit, Hedgehog and Squirrel remind him, some things are not as simple – or as close – as they look!

Activity: Let’s relax this Friday with a little yoga on the moon 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone.