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Happy Easter!

To say I am proud of our class would be some understatement. The children have done incredibly well.. all of them.

To think we spent the first half term of the Spring Term at home, and then the first two weeks of the second too, is crazy! Mrs P and I were both pleasantly surprised at how quickly the children readapted to being back in the classroom; they picked up exactly where they left off with routines, classroom behaviour and moving around the school, but also with learning in the classroom with classroom resources again!

Like I said to you as our home learning journey came to an end, I am incredibly proud of all of our children. What they have been through and continue to go through each day with the restrictions still in place in schools across the country was and is a lot, and they do so with drive, ambition and most importantly, a smile on their face!

Jade Class, like the rest of Year One, are going to be just fine. We will give them one last term (two half terms) in our classroom to remember.. that is a promise!

Please, everybody, take a well-deserved break and we’ll see you soon.

You are all superheroes and I’ve loved seeing all your faces in ‘real life’ again.

Mr L 💚

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Hello Everybody!

Here is this week’s SaLT video tutorial link:

Enjoy the video!

Mrs Berisha Davies

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Hello Everybody 🙂

Here is this week’s SaLT video tutorial link: 

Year 1 Speaking and Listening – Session 9


The Year 1 Team

Magazine/newspaper pages for collages in Art

Hello Everyone, 

During our Art lessons, we have been focussing on collages.

If possible, please could your child bring in a small amount of (suitable) magazine and newspaper pages for them to cut up and create a collage with in next Friday’s (26th) Art lesson? 

We will have a certain amount of pages for those who cannot bring any in and they will have been ‘quarantined’ for a week before use.

Thank you. Have a lovely weekend, 

The Year 1 Team ​

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This week’s link:

Year 1 Speaking and Listening – Session 12

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This week’s link:


Returning to school…

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please see below, a resource which has been developed to help prepare children for their return to school on 8th March.

The Year 1 Team

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This week’s link…

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This week’s session…