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Book amnesty ! Return all reading books please !

Help your school by having a search tonight for all banded books borrowed this year , red , yellow, blue, green, orange and above ! All need to be returned by tomorrow please ! Just hand into your teacher or put in your child’s bag to place into banded boxes in class for next year s children ! Thank you!



Peridot  : sports day , thank you to all families and federation sports leaders that helped made today a beautiful day 

Library space summer reading challenge ! Stickers and a chance to win a kindle

Today we learnt about the library summer reading challenge !

Head to your library today to join in and collect your rewards !


Peridot trip to the Horniman 

Peridot trip to the Horniman 

Stories , stories, stories – year one


We will be evidencing our independent writing until the end of term.

Here is a little about what that looks like and some examples :



Here is a little about how we approach independent writing :



Here is a national curriculum map of how writing progresses through the school and what is highlighted developmentally at each stage :


Here are some examples of the pictures we have used to write stories in the last week.





Homework due Friday 12th July

We will be continuing to practise grammar rules for the rest of the term.  This week we have been learning some spelling rules.  We have learned that ‘v’ and ‘e’ are best friends at the end of a word and that ‘c’ and ‘e’ together make the ‘s’ sound.


Spellings this week are therefore:

stove, twelve, wave, leave, alive, face, space, sauce, prince, notice

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?


We have been learning about division in Maths.  If I have 20 apples and I need to share them between 5 friends, how many apples will each friend get?

Can you make up your own maths story for division?

Have a lovely weekend!