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Peridot : Maths equations mastery style

We have been practising our mastery with these problems, showing how to find the missing numbers that add up to ten on number triangles and part, part , part whole models and practising number bonds to 9 on number bead strings. 
or ten 


Year 1 Super sentences : let’s write a super simple sentence superbly … Plus more phonics games and learning links


As we become more confident with reading, our sentence writing takes centre stage.

It is really important to practise ‘ segmenting ‘ sounds to write, this means that your child uses sound knowledge to listen to the sound in each word by repeating the sounds in each word of a given sentence or caption .

That becomes  a practise in this order :

think the sentence ( make sure it makes sense ),

say the sentence ( make sure it is a full sentence) ,

write the sentence ( say each word and also each sound in each word).

check the sentence for Capital letters, a full stop and finger spaces .”


Sentences can be scaffolded by writing a underline _______  under the space for each word for the child to write on  i.e. The cat sat on the mat  looks like 5 word-spaces for the child to complete

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ .

Plus phonics dots under the line for individual sounds and dashes for diagraphs and tricky words can support segmenting :

ie The red hen was on a farm,  looks like this for the child to complete each sound :

___   …     …     ___   ..   .    . ____ .

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 21.11.24


Here are some straight forward caption and sentences to practise together. The words in the video can be read, then spoken a few times, then simply remove the model from the screen ( rewind a second or two until it is unreadable) and ask the child to write each caption or sentence .

Everyone from reception will know the sounds in this clip and be reading these words. From these principles all sentences can be formed and as we grow, more sounds and expressive language can be included but first let’s make sure our simple sentences are  superbly written.




Here is a link on what is phonics , about the phonics screening and sounds :


Here is a powerpoint that you can use to practise a few alien words daily Phonics-screening2018

Finally here are some free games that encourage using Phase 5 phonics sounds for reading and writing  …






Peridot : Martin Luther King : I have a dream 

We have been learning about Martin Luther King for PSHE , here are some of our dreams.

We have been celebrating Black History month with music

Diamond class had a workshop last week where listened to different goes of music by  different artists including Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Ella Fitzgerald. We talked about the music makes us feel and drew pictures to show this. 

Little Red Hen in Diamond class

We have been learning the Little Red Hen and thought of actions to go with it. We thought of adjectives for the characters and the setting. 

Diamond class…maths 

We have been learning to add and subtract with cubes, number lines and bead strings. 

Emerald class – Maths Mastery Monday!

Today Emerald class was learning subtraction skills with the part-part-whole method. We looked at subtraction with our class soft toy friends and a large part-part-whole diagram on the carpet. Ask your child about part-part-whole! We love maths!! 👍🏾😍